Friday, May 21, 2010

The World of Ideas

I've been reading a collection of essays this week by the great New Yorker writer Malcolm Gladwell called "What the Dog Saw." What I love about these essays is how they spark my thinking. There are essays about the poetry of human motion, a profile of Ron Popeil, the phenomenon of late bloomers and the trouble of catastrophe thinking.

What it gives me is a renewed love of ideas and how they can be sparked through writing. I've already come up with a new idea for an essay and it has helped me work through some ideas on my still-unfinished novel.

It also makes me remember that even though I live abroad, I can't quit the habits that I love back home and I shouldn't use the confusion and difficulty of living in Unkraine as an excuse to quit trying. This essay about late bloomers--how some artists become successful late in life because of the way they approach their art rather than because of their lack of talent--gives me some faith that I shouldn't quit, either. Thanks, Malcolm.

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