Sunday, February 7, 2010


Okay, the black comedy here is in full swing. Witness, from the Christian Science Monitor:

A large group of crowbar-wielding men, accompanied by lawmakers loyal to Yanukovich, smashed their way into the Ukraina state printing house two weeks ago, claiming that millions of excess presidential ballots were being produced there to enable fraud by Tymoshenko's camp. Pro-Yanukovich parliamentarians have also tried in recent weeks to fire the national police chief, Yury Lutsenko, who is loyal to Prime Minister Tymoshenko, and to take over the Kiev Appeals Court, which is exactly where any forthcoming election challenges are likely to be heard.

And...there have been, I think two deaths related to the campaign. A representative of Tymoshenko was killed/died in Western Ukraine, in Ivano-Frankivsk:
Plus, another man from Yanukovich died at a polling station:

And....disappearing ink???

But it appears that Yanukovich will will, according to a western exit poll that is considered to be independent, by 48.7% to 45.5% (voters here can also vote for no one).

This is one crazy country. Maybe not more crazy than America, but certainly crazy in some unique ways....

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