Wednesday, January 13, 2010

About Kharkov

So why go to Kharkov, you might ask. Sure, Milwaukee sucked, but I could conceivably go anywhere. And in truth, there's really just one reason to go there, and her name is Margarita. She's charming, fun, and kind. She's beautiful. She's someone I love to spend time with. So that's a pretty good reason, I think. But there is more. 

I want to study Russian intensely, and Kharkov is a large (1.5 million population), non-touristy city right next to Russia that I can travel to without a visa. So I will be learning to swim in the deep end--hardly anyone there speaks English.  But I also loved my visit there last summer, and I think it will be an interesting place to be for a while. It has nice parks, good universities, and good people. And, perhaps, the woman of my dreams....

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  1. Steve, I swear if I was anywhere near the midwest right now I would drive to Milwaukee and give you a hug. You're starting off on an exciting venture--when I saw Ukraine, though, I immediately flashed on that Seinfeld episode: "Ukraine weak??? Ukraine NOT WEAK!"