Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Free WiFi...just another thing to love about McDonalds

Yes, I am eating Chicken Mcnuggets, fries, and an ice-cold Coke while browsing the web on my iPhone. And yes, these are the ony 3 things I realy know how to order. And no, they don't have diet coke (at least not the good fountain kind), so I satisfy my desire for a cold drink with regular Coke.

I haven't been able to post much lately because I'm still struggling to get reliable Internet at my house. This is proving to be quite a problem for a guy who has had either wifi or 3G Internet 24/7 for many years. Bu I haven't given up! Tomorrow I will try to talk with someone else about the Ethernet network at my apartment and figure out what must do to get it working.

I'm excited to go out to the ballet this weekend with Margarita, and I'm waiting on a couple of calls from possible employers. Crossing my fingers, even though the prospect of creating esl lesson plans is pretty daunting!

Time for me to go to bed. Paka!

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