Monday, January 18, 2010

Feeling Helpless...the first of many times

Today began the work of this venture. I have to secure a job, which means I probably should have brought some resumes with me...but of course, I didn't. Easy enough, right? Just print some more. Except for the fact that I didn't lug a printer with me to Ukraine, so that means one of two things: 1. Finding someplace who could print it, or 2. Getting a printer.

Since I expected I'd need a printer, both for drafts of my writing and for teaching materials, I chose, 2. Plus, they don't seem to have Kinko's (now Fed Ex Kinkos or Fed Ex Business Center), and I thought it might be harder to try to explain what I needed than it would be to purchase a printer. So off I went in the 10-degree afternoon air. I walked for about an hour before I saw something that looked like computers in the window of a store. I went in and found a cheap HP laser printer that I thought would probably work with my Mac. Fifteen minutes later (you pay first and then wait in line at a fulfillment area kind of like Circuit City used to do), I lugged my new printer home.

Smooth sailing...I finally got something accomplished. Except for one problem. Paper. I have none. I can't even figure out where they sell toilet paper (it was nowhere in the grocery stores), let alone office products. So, I will need help, once again, to get anything done here. The vast scope of culturally and linguistically specific things that you must undertake when entering a new country is just astounding. I'm sure I'll be learning this lesson over and over again....and I won't even tell you about my travails in getting good Internet!

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