Friday, January 15, 2010

Lugging 200 pounds of junk across the World

I have just arrived in Kharkov, just 32 hours after I said goodbye to the kids in Chicago, and I successfully lugged two full camera kits, two full strobe setups, my desktop computer, and, oh yeah, some clothes through four airports. I'm exhausted.

Margarita met me at the airport and shuttled me off to the apartment she'd just secured for me yesterday. I have to say, she's amazing! This place is affordable, beautiful, spacious, maybe even perfect! I love it. Wood laminate flooring, renovated kitchen and bath with stainless appliances--including a dishwasher (a rarity in Ukraine)--as well as a 42" plasma TV in the living room, a desk, and a small study/extra bedroom. Pictures will be forthcoming soon, but for now, I'm going to wash the grime off me and go to bed. A great way to end this part of the journey.


  1. I'm so excited that Margarita came through on the apartment and it sounds wonderful! I look forward to reading your blog while you are away to hear about your experiences.
    I got your text on my NEW cell phone this afternoon but don't know how many hours ahead of us you are now. Hope you get a good rest and talk to you soon!
    xoxo Dee

  2. Steve, be sure to post a picture of the first t-shirt or clothing apparel you will buy.